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Wednesday, November 18, 2009 @H.I.D.E.Cafe features our musically inclined side of the Restaurant/bar every wednesday, Friday and Saturday where we have the following:

1. Live Bands featuring D'little Tunes, Anthon, Russel Curtis, Joshua Ponnudorai, Mark Rinesh and ofcourse,

2. Our Saturday night strollers roaming abouts the restaurant, playing beside your dining table while you eat;

3. Thursday Jams! where we have an open-mike session for anyone who's gifted in performing for us.

The idea of the saturday night strollers stemmed from the last holiday trip, Joshua and I took together (we dont get lots of those). We ate in this fancy restaurant that served us lousy food. As we were about to leave the restaurant quite disappointedly, the strollers came out to play! Boy, were we amazed! I was most impressed with the dude who played the flute when they performed a local song "Anak". They were not Malaysian by the way, but they sung it better than any Malaysian I know. We ended up sitting down longer and ordered more drinks just to enjoy the music.

It's no doubt that good ambience does give you more appreciative customers.

So from there, we decided that we should have something similar at H.I.D.E!!! Although, I can guarantee you that HIDE's food would not be disappointing at all. So there will be two ups at H.I.D.E - perfect ambience and perfect food!

I personally recommend the Thai Tom Yam and the Mango salad, if you have the kicks for spicy food!

The idea of the Thursday Jams - slowly came about (not sure who to give credit for this idea as it was an overall light-bulp blinking moment) as our friend, accountant and business partner John Paul who's very gifted and has his guitar placed in Hide's bar - only performs when no one is looking. Thursdays are sort of dedicated to him because we want him to perform in front of people for a change.

Plus, we have a lot of gifted friends out there who would like to jam just for hacks and fun! So taa Daa! Thursdays are now opened to all who wants to hit the stage with their own equipment and have a go at it.

I personally wished I could performed with a musical instrument, only problem is I am tone deaf. Who knows maybe I will since Beethoven was fully deaf right?! Shikes or was it Mozart?!

See you here!

Claudia xxx

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